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  • Garden Media Guild Awards

    Rolawn provide green carpet of turf for Garden Media Guild Awards

    The country’s leading garden writers, broadcasters, photographers and editors were given a ‘green carpet welcome’ recently when they attended the annual Garden Media Guild Awards Lunch, held on 4th December at premier conference venue The Brewery in the city of London.

    Courtesy of sponsor Honda Lawn and Garden, a lush green carpet of Rolawn’s renowned Medallion® turf was laid from the entrance archway through the courtyard area to the reception by specialist contractor, The London Lawn Turf Company using Rolawn’s Turfmaster System in large format 13m2 rolls.

    Cedric McMillan, Rolawn’s Sales & Marketing Director commented “As leaders in our respective markets we have been working with Honda in identifying joint promotional initiatives. This prestigious event represented an ideal opportunity to showcase our brands to leading industry figures”.

    David Hodgkinson, Marketing Communications Manager, Honda UK Power Equipment added "Honda likes to do things differently, but only if it helps us commercially. The 'green carpet' helped us stand out from the crowd of sponsors at the Awards ceremony, delivering a better return on our sponsorship, and we are certain to reap the benefits in the season ahead following the number of press contacts we made at the event. Without the quality of the Rolawn product, and the efficiency of The London Lawn Turf Company this simply would not have been the case."

    The Garden Media Guild Awards celebrate the best in garden writing including books, newspapers and magazines, photography, broadcasting and new media including gardening websites and gardening blogs.

    Honda has developed an advanced range of lawn and garden products that are amongst the cleanest, quietest and easiest to use.

    Established over 20 years, The London Lawn Turf Company supply, prepare and lay top quality Rolawn turf throughout London and the home counties for domestic and commercial customers.

    The Brewery has played host to many of London's most iconic events. Set within our own private courtyard in the vibrancy of the city, the Brewery traces its heritage back some 250 years.

  • Mowing Your Lawn During Spring

    Mowing is the most important maintenance operation for any lawn; without it you would not have a lawn. It is also the operation that makes most demands in terms of time and effort, however this will vary with the seasons. In warmer months, regular frequent mowing is required but in winter little or none.

    Before the first cut in spring, it is important to check the lawn and the mower. During the winter, it is likely that debris such as twigs and small branches has accumulated and other rubbish may have blown in. It will be best to take a little time clearing this prior to making the first cut. Be wary of objects that could damage or foul the mower. This could include twigs and small branches but particularly stones or pebbles. These can become a problem where a path borders the lawn and they are displaced on to the grass.

    Having cleared the lawn and checked that the mower is in good order with sharp blades, it is time to start cutting the grass. The timing of the first cut tends to fall in March, however this could be early or late and should be judged by the lawn itself and not just the time of the year. If it is actively growing, it is time to start the mowing. The frequency of mowing should also be judged by rates of growth. The faster it is growing, the more frequently it will need mowing. In March, you may get away with once every two weeks but in April the required frequency is more likely to be weekly.

    In judging when and how frequently to cut, we recommend you should never remove more than a third of the grass height in any one cut. It is important that you adjust your mower to keep within this guideline in the spring and it is likely that the mower will need to be set to cut at a higher height than the normal summer settings. Don’t worry about cutting off less than a third of the growth. It is unlikely that you will damage your lawn from cutting it too often, but highly likely that damage will occur from infrequent severe cutting (like many other things, a little often is best). When you lower the cutting height, do so gradually, increasing the frequency of mowing and cut the lawn at least three times before changing the height again.

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