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  • The Hosepipe Ban of 2012, Water Advice

    Further to our recent post about the potential water shortage and resulting hosepipe ban in the UK during 2012

    Here at The London Lawn Turf Company, we work in very close partnership with Rolawn. Rolawn is a strong advocate of conserving water resource and they offer the following advice for laying turf:

    If you are planning to lay turf consider doing this sooner rather than later whilst ground conditions still contain some natural moisture, temperatures are still relatively low and there is a reasonable chance of rainfall. Smaller areas of newly laid turf may be able to be watered using a watering can and some water companies have a 28 day exemption from the ban in place for newly laid turf. If newly laid turf establishes during the spring then it will cope well with summer drought. Our Rolawn turf contains a mixture of grasses including drought tolerant grasses which can turn brown and straw like in excessively dry conditions. This is a natural response and a Rolawn lawn will return to a full lush green colour as it recovers as and when the rain returns.


    Individual water companies have different restrictions which can change status during the course of a year, therefore please consult your local water company for advice. Follow the link here for a list of UKwater companies

    For further advice and information please visit the environment agency website


    We also have a PDF here from South East Water showing you the full restrictions and concessions about the shortage.


    We hope this advice has been helpful to you, please comment below if you have any questions or get a hold of us directly at


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