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  • Lavish Turf To Create The Perfect Summer Lawn

    With summer just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start thinking about making those little garden improvements. Floods, frost and freezing temperatures during the winter months will have done no wonders for the state of your lawn. Luckily, we are here to help.

    As the leading supplier of turf to London and the surrounding Home Counties, we here at The London Lawn Turf Co. take great pride in the quality of both our products and our customer service. Our comprehensive experience and expertise when it comes to a range of lawn and turfing matters has seen our reputation continue to ‘grow’.

    Experience & Expertise

    We understand that it shouldn’t cost a fortune to have that perfect, lush summer lawn and so having a lawn you can rely on is at the top of our priority list. The strong and enduring qualities of our range of turf means that we can supply low maintenance turf for your lawns at prices you won’t believe.

    Our turfing experts understand the requirements and variables that are needed to create the perfect type of grass for you. From our high-end Medallion turf to our popular Economy turf, we are here to help.

    The Perfect Lawn For You

    So whether you’re looking at enhancing your garden, in need of commercial grounds maintenance or planning an entire landscaping refurbishment, make sure we, here at The London Lawn Turf Co, are your first port of call.

    For more information, get in touch with one of our team today by calling 0844 822 999 to receive advice and guidance on everything from our complete landscaping services, to the preparation and aftercare of your landscaping projects. Alternatively, fill in our online contact form here.

  • Top Garden Design Trends

    If you are lucky enough to have a garden then you may want to do something about its overall look and try to give it a unique design. Many people want to add their own personal touch to their gardens and now it is quite possible. When it comes to designing the layout of a garden you will need to exercise a bit of creativity. There is nothing wrong with getting inspiration from other sources either, however. By taking a look at some of the latest garden design trends you will be able to find something that you know you will like.

    The Japanese Garden

    A garden designed with Japanese culture in mind is always going to look great at the back of anyone's home. If you are thinking of designing a Japanese garden, then there are a couple of designs you will have to look over. Trickling water fountains and neat flower beds are all going to be important aspects of this that will help to create a look and feeling of serenity. Japanese gardens are popular because they are a great place to relax in. The serene sound of the fountain allows people to lean back and let all of their cares slip away.


    During the summer time there is nothing better than sitting outside in the evening. Many people are therefore going to plant small solar lamps in their garden. These lights can be placed along pathways or at random points in the garden. It is also possible to get lamps that are designed to look like rocks. Placing lights in strategic points can give your garden a pretty unique look overall and give you an interesting perspective on your garden when viewed in another light.


    Curves have become popular when it comes to flower beds, lawns and other formations in the garden. Many people used to stick with square and straight flower beds, but these are fast becoming a thing of the past. Instead, many people are interested in creating new and interesting designs for their outdoor space, to help you add a little touch of excitement to your garden.

    Overall it is important to take a look at your own garden and see if there is anything you can do to add a unique touch. These interesting trends will help to create something that is undoubtedly going to last a long time.

    To complete your new look you might decide to freshen up your lawn, and that’s where London Lawn Turf Co. can help. We supply high quality turf with next day delivery across the UK, so take a look around to find out what we can offer you.

  • Create a Low Maintenance Garden with Landscaping Bark

    It’s great to see the sun at last, and here at London Lawn Turf our sights are firmly fixed on the summer ahead. If you love to spend time in the garden during the warmer months but just don’t have the time to keep up with a lot of weeding, don’t despair.

    By adding natural bark to your borders and flower beds you can give your garden a fresh new look that will also make it much easier to care for. A layer of pine bark will make life much more difficult for those pesky weeds, and also helps to increase water retention for your blooms.

    Plus, when winter rolls around again your bark will act like a blanket, protecting your plants from the elements and keeping them nice and snug until next year.

    As a premier stockist of Rolawn products, we offer a full range of top quality landscaping and play bark to suit any garden space. The latest product to join the range is Rolawn ProMulch which is made from chopped straw and offers a peat free alternative to bark. ProMulch bears the Water Wise seal of approval in recognition of its excellent water retention, and also adds essential nutrients to the ground. All in all it makes for happier bedding plants.

    Whether you want to enhance the look of a few borders or create a whole new playground for the kids, we can help.

    Bank holiday weekends are a great opportunity to get out in the fresh air and May offers not one, but two long weekends to make the most of! So contact us today and create a low maintenance space to enjoy all summer long.

    With 4 depots situated across London we can provide bark and mulch to Hillingdon, Kent, Tonbridge and beyond. If you’re unsure which product to choose we’re always happy to offer our expert advice, so call us on 0844 822 9999 or fill in our online contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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