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  • The Best Garden Lighting for Summer’s Evenings

    During the autumn and winter months, our main concern for garden lighting is often whether or not it keeps us and our guests warm during the evening. However, when it’s summertime and the weather has been wonderfully warm, we don’t need to worry so much about the chill in the air as it’s often a refreshing change. That doesn’t mean that we want our evening to be plunged into darkness, though. With that in mind, ignore winter’s chimineas and firepits and instead take a look at these aesthetically delightful lighting options to illuminate your summer nights.

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  • How to Fix Dead Patches in Your Lawn

    Although long awaited, summer can have detrimental effects on your lawn, even for the most seasoned gardener. Despite our best efforts, sometimes the searing heat and periods of drought can get the best of our lawns and we are left to pick up the pieces as the weather begins to cool. Seeing dead patches in your lawn can be disheartening. However, with a little TLC they are easily rectifiable and will leave no lasting damage.

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