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  • Artificial Grass and Your Pet

    If you're thinking about artificial grass in your garden, one of the first questions you’re likely to ask yourself is how suitable is it for my pet?
  • 4 Autumn Leaf Clearing Hacks

    Autumn may well be one of the most picturesque seasons, however as the leaves turn from green into vibrant orange and yellow, you can be sure that within a matter of days your garden and lawn will turn into a blanket of leaves. In this article we’ve outlined a few tried and tested methods in clearing leaves.

    Use a jumbo bag of tarpaulin to move large piles of leaves

    As it's easy to see whenever looking out the window on a windy day, leaves are incredibly light, therefore as long as you have the means to hold a large quantity, they can be moved with fairly minimal effort. Piling leaves up into a jumbo bag or tarpaulin will save you bags of time. At London Lawn Turf we even sell jumbo bags that you can collect from any one of our 5 depots. 

    A mulching mower

    Some lawn mowers will have a setting to mulch. The idea behind this is the lawn mower works in a similar way to a blender, the leaves get sucked in and are obliterated into tiny pieces, then when left on the lawn, these will mulch down and biodegrade into a great fertiliser. 

    A standard petrol lawn mower

    If you don’t have a mulching mower a normal mower can be used. The leaves will be sucked into the bag, which can then be taken to your compost heap. It’s important to remember to keep the blade height on your mower at its highest setting, also bear in mind that areas of dense leaves may have you emptying your bag every few metres! 

    A leaf blower

    By far the easiest and quickest way of moving leaves is with a leaf blower, for larger areas invest in a backpack leaf blower to make the task less strenuous. Blowing the leaves into piles around trees in your garden will help protect the roots against cold winder and lock in important moisture. 

    For more advice on seasonal lawn care visit us in store or speak to one of our friendly sales staff on 01959 897603.

  • 2019 The year of a Million Rolawn Turf

    As summer drawers to a close and we look ahead to the long winter months there’s still plenty to shout about for us at The London Lawn Turf Company. For we have just surpassed a milestone that we’re incredibly proud of. On the 26th of September 2019 we sold this year’s Millionth Roll of Rolawn Turf

    We’d like to extend a massive thank you to all our loyal customers who have helped us achieve this great feat.

    To celebrate our record-breaking year, we’ve taken a closer look at this astronomical figure and have uncovered some truly staggering stats.

    One million square metres of turf would cover more than 140 football pitches, The Natural History Museum 10 Times, London’s St James’ Park 5 times and nearly half of the 2012 Olympic Village.

    When rolled out each roll is 1.6 metres in length, with 1 million rolls we could create a lush green carpet that would reach all the way to Berlin, or if we’re feeling more adventurous halfway to the moon!

    This isn’t the only way London Lawn Turf is making the world a greener place, it is thought that 225m2 of Turf will provide enough oxygen to meet the daily needs of a family of four, therefore over 1,000,000m2 is enough to provide oxygen for nearly 4500 families!

    We’ve been premier stockists of Rolawn products for the past 15 years and are advocates for the use of premium quality and long-lasting landscaping materials. We have 5 depots operating throughout London that offer same day collections and next day deliveries on our entire product range.

    Alongside our efficient supply network, we have 5 highly skilled installation teams. To find out more about what we can do for you call us now on 01959 897 603.

    Here’s to the next million!

  • Introducing our New Depot in Brentwood!

    With the start of a busy spring season looming, we are pleased to announce the opening of a new London Lawn Turf depot in Brentwood, EssexThe new outlet is situated within the Brentwood Garden Centre, close to the A12 and Junction 28 of the M25.
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  • Unusual ways to use leftover lawn turf

    Laying lawn turf is the fastest and easiest way to create the lawn of your dreams. But what can you do with the leftovers once you've trimmed and edged or if you have a few turf rolls left over? Here are 5 unusual ways to use leftover lawn turf in your home and garden.
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  • How to remove toadstools from your lawn turf

    Newly-laid lawn turf looks beautiful and adds kerb appeal to any home. However, sometimes unsightly toadstools can appear overnight in your lush new lawn turf. But why is this and what can you do to get rid of them?
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  • Chelsea and Hampton Court Flower Show 2017

    The Chelsea and Hampton Court Flower Shows are always a huge highlight on the horticulture calendar, with designers and organisations from all over the world flocking to the capital to display their carefully crafted show gardens in the hope of taking home one of those prestigious medals.

    Throughout the year, garden designers have been hard at work planning their displays, now’s the time has finally come to bring these masterpieces to life.
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  • When is the best time to spread compost in your garden?

    Compost can be utilised to give your lawns, potted plants and flower beds a bit of a kickstart when your garden is beginning to look lacklustre, and there are many advantages to using compost to naturally achieve a great-looking garden.
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  • 7 Must Have Tools For Your Lawn

    A lush green lawn not only makes the owner proud but also adds to the value of a home. This infographic shows 7 essential tools that one must have to ensure one’s lawn always remain green and healthy.
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  • Garden Top Soil: Understand how top soil benefits the garden

    Any keen Hampshire gardener will understand that top soil is the key to a beautiful lawn; novices however might be left wondering what it is, how it should be applied and when to apply it.

    What does top soil for garden use contain?

    Teeming with nutrients that provide it with its deep brown colour, top soil is vital for ensuring lawns (and indeed most plant life) remain healthy.
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