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  • Pitch Perfect - Get To The Roots Of The Worlds Most Famous Sporting Venues

    2014 has been a spectacular year for sport, first there was Australia cruising to a 5-0 Ashes win in January, followed by Ireland claiming the 6 nations in the middle of March before Novak Djokovic picked up his 2nd Wimbledon title in June. All of this was finished with a fantastically entertaining football World Cup in Brazil during the summer. With so much attention focused on the athletes there is one major part of these events that can often be over looked…The Pitch!

    At London Lawn Turf we have put together this infographic to show you all that you need to know about how these sports venues keep their playing surfaces in such pristine condition before, during and after competitions!

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    <p style="text-align: center;"><a href=""><img class="wp-image-4214 aligncenter" title="rsz_1lawnturf-infographics.jpg" src="" alt="" width="567" height="2403" /></a></p>This Infographic was created by <a href="">London Lawn Turf</a>
  • The Chelsea Flower Show Returns 20-24 May

    London Lawn Turf at Chelsea

    The most famous flower shower in the UK, and arguably the world, returns as the Chelsea Flower Show sets up in the grounds of the Royal Hospital Chelsea from the 20th to 24th May. This five day spectacle, run by the Royal Horticultural Society, sees companies and organisations from up and down the country as well as from around the world showcasing their gardens to the thousands of visitors who come through the gates as well as the all-important judges in the hope of being presented with one of the prestigious medals.

    At The London Lawn Turf Co. we are delighted to be sponsoring a number of companies and their gardens in this year’s event, which sees us supply them with top soil, bark and of course our top of the range turf to help bring their creations to life and create a real spectacle that will hopefully be a hit with both the public and judges.

    Garden designers have been in position in the grounds of the hospital for a number of weeks now, setting up their allocated spaces so their gardens are the best they can possibly be come the opening day. With a real buzz around this year’s event, as there is every time Chelsea Flower Show comes around, it is set to be one of the best yet.

    Some of the gardens to look forward to at this year’s show include;

    No Man’s Land- A garden designed by Charlotte Rowe to mark the centenary of the First World War, this is a design which provides a modern representation of the type of landscapes where battles were fought and has been created on behalf of ABF The Soldier’s Charity.

    Vital Earth: The Night Sky Garden- Designed by two of the youngest designers at this year’s show, 23 and 26 year old brothers Harry and David Rich, this is a garden where children can learn about land and space, with its inspiration being taken from star constellations.

    A Garden for First Touch at St Georges- This garden takes its inspiration from the journey travelled by parents and families with premature babies. A design from St George’s Hospital Trust, key features include a stunning water course, with the garden being created by students from the medical school and parents of children who are currently in the neonatal unit at the hospital.

    Hope on the Horizon- This is the Help for Heroes garden and has been designed by Matthew Keightley to represent the tough journey that war veterans experience on the road to recovery. It begins with overgrown area to represent the chaotic period associated with coming to terms with events before leading onto a more peaceful, tranquil area as you journey through the garden.

    Vehicles Outside the Show

    We are delighted to playing our part in this year’s Chelsea Flower Show by sponsoring a number of companies there and wish everyone taking part the very best of luck in their endeavours to win one of the medals available. If you’d like to buy tickets to attend or wish to find out more about the event, head to the RHS website here. Don’t forget to keep up to date with what’s happening at the show via our Twitter account, @LondonLawnTurf.

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