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  • When to use landscaping bark as a mulch

    Landscaping bark has a lot of uses within a garden, but why would you choose a bark over gravel or pebbles if you want to use it for decorative purposes? Is it just for decorative purposes or can it help your plants by using it as mulch?
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  • The Essential Nutrients in a Good Quality Topsoil

    The mark of a top quality topsoil is the correct ratio of sand, silt and clay. Soil types vary more than most people realise, even between garden beds at the same property. A combination of 60% sand, 15% clay and 25% silt results in a nutrient-rich product for mixing with garden soil or creating the ideal growing environment in planters.
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  • 3 ways using topsoil can enhance your garden

    A common misconception about topsoil is that it is all the same. Yes, all topsoil is made from a mix of sand, silt, clay and organic matter; however, varying proportions of these elements can be mixed to form different types of topsoil that will work best in the different areas of your garden.
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  • How much topsoil do I need for my garden?

    Topsoil is like black gold for your garden, creating a stable base for hard landscaping, giving a newly laid lawn the best start, encouraging the growth of beautiful blooms and boosting the productivity of your fruit and veg patch. But not every garden has the ideal soil composition that allows for good drainage while capturing essential nutrients and micro-organisms. Over time, topsoil can become eroded or depleted, and if you live in a new build, the topsoil may have been stripped completely during the build process. You need to replace the topsoil to work with your existing subsoil, but just how much do you need?
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  • Increasing your topsoil's food production potential

    Any self-sufficient home is going to need to produce home-grown food. But what if you don't have a lot of gardening knowledge? Well now's the time to learn, with handy gardening tips that will not only make growing food easier, but that will cut down on waste too due to the reusing and recycling of materials.
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  • Just what's so great about topsoil anyway?

    Just what's so great about topsoil anyway? It's probably not a question that keeps you awake at night, but this nutrient-rich wonder can work miracles in your garden.
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  • How to control topsoil erosion in sloping gardens

    If you own a property that sits on sloping ground, the potential for topsoil erosion is something that you should take into consideration when landscaping your garden. Losing soil through topsoil erosion can not only leave your garden with unattractive bald spots, it also removes valuable nutrients, leaving your planting at risk of dying.
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  • How to deal with fungus in your lawn turf

    If your new lawn turf begins to develop dead-looking brown areas, ring marks or slimy patches, it is being attacked by a form of lawn fungus.
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  • Lawn care tricks to keep your lawn turf looking great

    There's no doubt an emerald green lawn really is the centrepiece of the garden, and it's not that hard to achieve if you follow these simple tricks for caring for your lawn turf.
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  • What type of topsoil is best for your needs?

    Soil is soil, you might think - but you'd be wrong. There are hundreds of different types and brands of topsoil available on the market and each one has its own specialist uses.
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