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  • Autumn, an ideal time to lay a new lawn!

    With the settled weather expected to stay with us for the next few weeks, now's an ideal time to get out in to the garden and carry out any lawn maintenance or returfing work. Turf can be laid all year round, however Spring and Autumn are the ideal time to lay turf or sow lawn seed.

    Laying Turf
    Never laid turf before? It couldn't be easier! Our "How to" videos will show you everything you need to know to create a beautiful lawn, including preparing the soil, laying turf, sowing lawn seed and lawn aftercare. Click here to see our YouTube Channel.

    Rolawn Medallion® turf is a multi-purpose, quality turf, specially cultivated to produce a lawn with a fine leafed appearance that is hard wearing, slow growing, easy to maintain and drought tolerant.

    Rolawn Minster Pro® turf is a premium fine bladed fescue turf, for a lawn with an outstanding appearance and characteristics of a putting green. It is shade and drought tolerant and suitable for low mowing heights.

    Remember to lay turf promptly and water well after laying, particularly if temperatures are above average.

    Check out our turf here: or you can click the turf button on the top left of this page.

  • Autumn Lawn Care

    Autumn is an important time of year for taking care of your lawn. The effort you put in during autumn will improve the quality and health of your lawn right through into spring and beyond.

    Apply an autumn feed
    Now is the ideal time to apply an Autumn Lawn Food. An autumn feed will provide your lawn with the essential nutrients it needs to strengthen and prepare itself for the rigours of winter, also improving colour and disease resistance. The ideal conditions for applying a feed are when the soil is moist and the grass leaves are dry.

    Gradually decrease mowing frequency as grass growth slows and raise the height of cut as winter approaches.

    Autumn is an ideal time to topdress your lawn to help even out any minor undulations. It will also stimulate new grass growth, improve drainage and help to control the build up of thatch.

    Depending upon the wear and tear your lawn has received in recent months, you may want to overseed the lawn in early autumn. This will allow the seed to germinate ahead of winter and fill in any thin or worn areas, giving a thicker, denser lawn in spring. Choose grasses that suit your lawn; fine grasses for ornamental lawns (non-ryegrass seed mixtures) and wear tolerant grasses for utility lawns (with ryegrass seed mixtures).

    Dealing with moss
    If you have moss in your lawn you will need to scarify it out to allow the grass plants to grow. A moss killer can be applied in early autumn, when the grass is still actively growing. Once the moss turns brown/black use a spring-tine rake, pulling it vigorously through the grass sward. Alternatively you can use a mechanical scarifier. Afterwards, any areas where the sward is thin can be overseeded.

    Clear the lawn of leaves and debris
    Keep the lawn tidy by removing leaves and other materials that fall on the lawn, which will trap moisture and encourage disease and worm activity if left.

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