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Our New Range of Easigrass is in stock and available at all our depots!

At The London Lawn Turf Company, we are proud to supply and install Easigrass artificial grass - a wide range of multi award-winning natural-look premier grass products designed to transform any outdoor or indoor area. If you are looking for an artificial grass that looks and feels like the real thing, the Easigrass product range offers multiple solutions for different purposes.

As one of the leading artificial grass brands in the UK, Easigrass offers an unrivalled selection of authentic-looking, state-of-the-art grass to suit a variety of applications. Unique synthetic grass technology solutions include lawns, children's play areas, pet-friendly gardens, balconies, roof terraces, courtyards, sports areas and commercial footfall spaces to name a few.

For further information on our new Easigrass product range, please contact the sales team on 01959 897 603 or visit on our of depots.

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  1. Belgravia 40mm Pre-Cut 4x4 metres (16m2)

    £652.61 £543.84
  2. Mayfair 50mm Pre-Cut 4x4 metres (16m2)

    £691.01 £575.84
  3. Belgravia 40mm Pre-Cut 4x6 metres (24m2)

    £978.91 £815.76
  4. Belgravia 40mm Pre-Cut 4x8 metres (32m2)

    £1,305.22 £1,087.68
  5. Belgravia 40mm Pre-Cut 4x10 metres (40m2)

    £1,631.52 £1,359.60
  6. Mayfair 50mm Pre-Cut 4x6 metres (24m2)

    £1,036.51 £863.76
  7. Mayfair 50mm Pre-Cut 4x8 metres (32m2)

    £1,382.02 £1,151.68
  8. Mayfair 50mm Pre-Cut 4x10 metres (40m2)

    £1,727.52 £1,439.60
  9. Easi-Trade 38mm Pre-Cut 4x10 metres (40m2)

    £1,056.00 £880.00
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Items 1-12 of 16

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