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  • The Potential 2012 Drought of South East England

    2012 droughtThere is a real possibility of water shortage this summer which, if there is not substantial rainfall in the next 3 months, could lead to hose pipe restrictions.This is not likely to materialize until June at the earliest. London Lawn Turf therefore recommends that any planned turfing projects are undertaken within the next 3 months.

    If turf is laid whilst there are hose pipe restrictions in place, watering cans, water butts and buckets can still be utilised. London Lawn supplies Rolawn Medallion turf which is very resilient and will survive through a hot dry summer.

    Another way to combat a drought is to mulch your flower beds with our Landscape Bark. This product reduces evaporation, eliminates weeds and stops plants drying out as well as giving a pleasant, ornamental look to the bed. Alongside this, use Rolawn Soil Improver added to existing soil which will assist drainage and ensure plant survival.

    London Lawn Turf are not overly concerned about any possible water restrictions because we know that even in the hottest of English summers our turf will perform and give you a wonderful lawn that could last a lifetime.

    Let us know if you have any questions for us.

    London Lawn Turf

  • Now Is The Time!

    Lawn MowerNow is the ideal time to service your lawnmower, or replace if necessary, to ensure it is in good working order ready for the first cut of the year.

    To maintain a beautiful lawn, a mower which is well maintained and has sharp blades is much more important than the type of mower you have. The cutting action, cylinder or rotary, only makes a small difference. A dull mower will damage the leaves, allow for more disease development and make the lawn look untidy.

    Do you need topsoil for new borders or raised vegetable beds or bark to insulate plants and suppress weeds? Have a look round our online store here to see what we can do for you >

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