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  • How to Lay Turf

    We have recently published the following video, showing you how to lay lawn turf properly.

    Check out our YouTube channel for more videos. There is one on smoothing the soil prior to laying turf and also one on ground preparation.

    We really hope you find this content helpful, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with us on 0844 822 9999



    Or watch on YouTube:  How to Lay Turf

  • Dealing with soil compaction in your lawn

    Following the recent heavy rain, it’s worth taking note of any areas of your lawn which are not draining well. Water sitting on the surface of the lawn and areas of thinning sward where there is repeated or heavy traffic, are indications that the soil is compacted.

    Compaction is the reduction of the soil pore space, which is needed to conduct water and oxygen; these are essential elements for a healthy lawn. A reduction in the pore space results in the grass growing more slowly and it will eventually become thin, allowing weeds and moss to invade. Soil which is wet or has a high clay content will compact quicker than dry, sandy soils. A healthy lawn will cushion the soil from occasional activities such as running, mowing the lawn and animal traffic, but any repeated activity will eventually cause compaction.

    Compaction can be reversed quite easily by a process called aeration. To do this, holes are made in the lawn to allow more air in to the root system and improve drainage. Use a garden fork to spike the lawn 25 to 50mm apart. For larger lawns aerating machines can be hired from local garden centres or DIY stores.

    It is best to aerate your turf when it is growing, especially before applying a lawn fertiliser or topdressing. This allows the turf to grow into the aeration holes where there is plenty of water, oxygen and space. Topdressing will also help to stimulate new grass growth and improve drainage. Overseeding will also help fill in any areas where the sward is particularly sparse.

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