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  • Lawn Motor Maintenance

    In order to maintain a healthy and lush lawn it is important to mow it regularly throughout the spring and summer months. It's been a long time coming, but the weather is slowly starting to improve so there are no more excuses for putting off the first cut of the year.

    Before you head out to tackle that grass, this is the perfect time to carry out a bit of essential maintenance on your lawn mower.

    Whether your mower is petrol or manual, push or ride-on, the most important thing to consider is the blades. If your mower blades are not sufficiently sharp it will damage the leaves of your grass and lead to an untidy look. It will also mean that the grass is more susceptible to disease, which can lead to discolouration and patchiness.

    For a petrol mower you should also aim to change the oil at the start of each new year. Check that the filter hasn't become clogged and consider changing the spark plugs to ensure that your mower is in tip top condition after standing idle over the winter.

    Here at London Lawn Turf we offer expert advice to both trade and domestic customers on how to achieve a truly beautiful lawn. We are one of the premium suppliers of Rolawn products and guarantee to offer you unbeatable prices on their high quality turf, soil and bark.

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