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  • Summer Garden Safety for Kids

    If you’re looking for cost effective ways to keep your kids amused over the summer holidays then you won’t do much better than sending them off into the garden to enjoy the fresh air. To put your mind at rest while the kids play, follow these top tips to keep them safe in the garden this summer.

    Take Care in the Sun

    Make sure your kids have adequate protection against the sun, including shirts, hats and sunglasses that have a UV protection of at least 400. Reapply sun tan lotion regularly, especially after any dips in the paddling pool!


    When planting in your garden, avoid anything that is toxic or particularly thorny or stinging. Teach your kids never to try and eat anything they find growing in the garden and encourage them to stay well away from the flowerbeds where possible.


    Take extra care to ensure that no tools or sharp implements are left within reach of your children. Instead they should be safely locked away out of harm’s way in a shed or garage.

    Lay Play Bark

    If you have any garden play equipment such as swing sets, slides or tunnels, play bark can help to protect your children if they fall from a height.

    Here at London Lawn Turf Co. we supply high quality Rolawn play bark, which has been certified as safe for use in children’s play areas and is completely free from chemicals. Play bark can also be used as mulch to reduce weeds, aid water retention and provide insulation over the winter to protect plant roots.

    Take a look around our website or contact us today to find out more about any of our premium products.

  • The Importance of Garden Water Retention


    Extremes of weather can affect countries across the world, and water management is an important global issue in the face of floods and drought alike. Whether on a domestic or a commercial level, there are things that we can all do to contribute towards more efficient water management by adding mulch to flowerbeds, borders and fields of crops.

    An effective, water efficient mulch increases the water retention of the soil, preventing run off during rainstorms and slowing the rate of evaporation so that there is less need to employ irrigation systems. A layer of mulch also helps to prevent the invasion of weeds, which compete for water and result in a higher total water requirement for your plants to thrive.

    Waterwise is a UK organisation that champions the reduction of water use, and promotes the development of products and techniques that improve our water efficiency across the board. When Waterwise identifies a product that contributes towards this goal they will award it with their ‘Recommended’ checkmark to allow consumers and tradespeople to make informed buying decisions.

    Here at London Lawn Turf Co we are proud to be a premier stockist of Rolawn products, including their Waterwise approved ProMulch. Not only does this innovative product save money, but it can also help to keep maintenance and costs to a minimum, saving money and time for private customers and tradespeople alike.

    To find out more about the full range of Rolawn products that we have to offer, or for further advice on water retention methods, take a look around our site or contact us today to speak to a member of our friendly team.

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