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  • 10 Things to Do in Your Garden This Autumn

    During the autumn you can feel a little deflated that the summer is over. Get out into your garden with these great ideas for outdoor activities for everyone.
  • Create the Perfect Garden to Entertain

    If you like to entertain friends and family, creating a garden suited for just this could be a great idea. We can help you to design the perfect outdoor space.
  • How to Keep Your Lawn in Perfect Condition

    Our lawns can make our gardens look beautiful all year round. So make sure you keep these tips in mind to make sure it is in a good condition each spring.
  • As the Cold Months Draw in, Keep Your Vegetable Patch Thriving

    During the winter months, your produce can come under a number of threats. So make sure you keep your patch thriving to it's full potential all year round.
  • Garden Design: The Easy Way

    You may think that designing your dream garden would be a huge task to undertake. However, with the help of London Lawn Turf Co. it could be much more simple.
  • Brighten up Your Garden with a New Lawn

    A new lawn can make a dramatic difference to your garden in terms of appearance and also usability especially if you are a family who has children or pets.
  • Summer Garden Safety for Kids

    If you’re looking for cost effective ways to keep your kids amused over the summer holidays then you won’t do much better than sending them off into the garden to enjoy the fresh air. To put your mind at rest while the kids play, follow these top tips to keep them safe in the garden this summer.

    Take Care in the Sun

    Make sure your kids have adequate protection against the sun, including shirts, hats and sunglasses that have a UV protection of at least 400. Reapply sun tan lotion regularly, especially after any dips in the paddling pool!


    When planting in your garden, avoid anything that is toxic or particularly thorny or stinging. Teach your kids never to try and eat anything they find growing in the garden and encourage them to stay well away from the flowerbeds where possible.


    Take extra care to ensure that no tools or sharp implements are left within reach of your children. Instead they should be safely locked away out of harm’s way in a shed or garage.

    Lay Play Bark

    If you have any garden play equipment such as swing sets, slides or tunnels, play bark can help to protect your children if they fall from a height.

    Here at London Lawn Turf Co. we supply high quality Rolawn play bark, which has been certified as safe for use in children’s play areas and is completely free from chemicals. Play bark can also be used as mulch to reduce weeds, aid water retention and provide insulation over the winter to protect plant roots.

    Take a look around our website or contact us today to find out more about any of our premium products.

  • The Importance of Garden Water Retention


    Extremes of weather can affect countries across the world, and water management is an important global issue in the face of floods and drought alike. Whether on a domestic or a commercial level, there are things that we can all do to contribute towards more efficient water management by adding mulch to flowerbeds, borders and fields of crops.

    An effective, water efficient mulch increases the water retention of the soil, preventing run off during rainstorms and slowing the rate of evaporation so that there is less need to employ irrigation systems. A layer of mulch also helps to prevent the invasion of weeds, which compete for water and result in a higher total water requirement for your plants to thrive.

    Waterwise is a UK organisation that champions the reduction of water use, and promotes the development of products and techniques that improve our water efficiency across the board. When Waterwise identifies a product that contributes towards this goal they will award it with their ‘Recommended’ checkmark to allow consumers and tradespeople to make informed buying decisions.

    Here at London Lawn Turf Co we are proud to be a premier stockist of Rolawn products, including their Waterwise approved ProMulch. Not only does this innovative product save money, but it can also help to keep maintenance and costs to a minimum, saving money and time for private customers and tradespeople alike.

    To find out more about the full range of Rolawn products that we have to offer, or for further advice on water retention methods, take a look around our site or contact us today to speak to a member of our friendly team.

  • Care for Your Lawn this Summer

    Despite what the calendar may say the seasons don’t seem to be playing along this year, which means that your garden will still be undergoing the kind of growth that is usually associated with springtime. On the up side, this means that there is still time to take a few simple steps to ensure that your lawn looks its best.

    Seed heads

    One of the reasons that hay fever is so rampant at this time of year is due to grass seed, which can reveal itself in seed heads or tough stalks in the lawn. These should come and go within a matter of months, but if you’re keen to reduce their appearance then spend some time raking the lawn before you mow it to ensure that any flat stalks are raised up into the path of the blades.


    Make time to mow the lawn on a regular basis while it is growing quickly, but be sure to avoid removing any more than a third of its length. Keep the blades high and apply the little and often rule of thumb to achieve the best results and keep your lawn nice and tidy – ready for a spur of the moment barbecue when the sun shows its face!

    New Turf

    The current conditions are perfect for new turf to establish itself in your garden as long as the correct steps are taken to prepare the soil. With a combination of good temperatures, stiff breezes and all too frequent showers, there couldn’t be a better time to spruce up an existing lawn or create a whole new grassy area to enjoy.

    Here at London Lawn Turf we are experts when it comes to laying and caring for beautiful lawns. We are one of the premier stockists of Rolawn’s range of high quality turf and lawn products, and make every effort to advise our customers on how to maximise the potential of any garden, large or small.

    To find out more about our next day delivery and landscaping in Enfield, Woking, Tunbridge Wells and everywhere in between, call us today and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

  • Dry Weather Garden Care

    Since the weather finally started to improve we’ve been treated to a few spells of sunny days where we all rushed off to the nearest pub garden or family barbecue to soak up some vitamin D and make the most of the sunshine.

    You might have noticed your plants springing into life over the last few weeks, and it’s during these periods of growth that they need the most care and attention. The sunny periods may feel all too brief to us revellers, but even a couple of days is too long for your garden to go without a drink so it’s important to remember your plants at this time of year.

    When the weather is dry, you should aim to water your plants once a day even if it’s not bright and sunny. If you’re lucky enough to have a clear sky then evenings are the best time to water, in order to avoid scorching the leaves and to reduce the amount of water that evaporates before reaching the roots.

    You can also add products such as Rolawn ProMulch to your flowerbeds, which has been awarded the Waterwise seal in recognition of its water retention properties. A thin layer of mulch will also enhance the fertility of your soil, and help to prevent weeds from invading and competing for water.

    The lawn is fairly resilient but it can also require watering in periods of drought, preferably with a sprinkler system. As an extra precaution, you raise the blades on your lawnmower and cut the grass less often to avoid putting it under too much strain during dry spells.

    For more tips and advice on how to take care of your garden, talk to the experts at London Lawn Turf Co. and we’ll be happy to help with all of your garden and landscaping queries. Call us on 0844 822 9999 or fill in our online enquiry form and we will call you back as soon as possible.

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