Bollo Bridge Park

This project was completed in November 2015 by The London Lawn Turf Company. Bollo Bridge Park had recently been used as a temporary base for a nearby school whilst it was being renovated. The school had tarmacked over the park and temporary classrooms had been set up across the site. During this weeklong project our responsibilities were focused on correcting any small irregularities with the final levels, laying the turf and cutting into existing areas of lawn.

Prior to our arrival ground preparation work had been completed. The tarmac and compacted hardcore were carefully removed from the site using a large excavator. They were removed to a depth of approximately 0.8m until the subsoil was exposed. Once the tarmac was removed there was a large cavity on the site that was then back filled using British Sandy Loam topsoil. This was then rough leveled with a large excavator that used a grading bucket to achieve the desired rough level. We then refined and de-compacted this rough level using rakes until the final level was fit to lay turf on.

This particular project required vast quantities of turf so we had several large orders delivered directly to our site from Rolawn. Once on the site, the turf was moved into the areas it was needed in using a large forklift that was designed specifically for site use called a Manitou. Working in teams of between 4-7 helped us to break the project down into 3 sections of around 1200m at a time. This ensured that we could keep a close eye on the work we had completed and that everything was finished to our usual high standards.