In the spring we were approached by a client who was looking for an entire garden renovation. This project would be a partnership with both of our partners The London Decking Company and Easigrass North Kent. 

We started the project by commencing the ground works, the main lawn area was incredibly undulating and required a great deal of releveling with a mini digger before any topsoil could be imported into the garden.

There was also a large amount of waste to be removed, in total we filled 5 skips with garden waste to be sorted and recycled. 

Once we had pulled around the existing earth to create a flatter base, we began installing over 30 m3 of British Standard Screened Topsoil and levelled throughout the garden. 

Due to access the topsoil had to be carried into the garden using wheelbarrows and a mini 500 kg dumper.

We used a sand-based topsoil to assist with draining and help breakdown the heavy clay content within the earth. 

To ensure a top-quality finish the entire area was levelled by hand using landscaping rakes.

After levelling we applied Go-Right Establishment Fertiliser, this dramatically speeds up the lawn’s establishment which, during warmer months is incredibly important as it reduces the length of time the lawn is susceptible to drying out.

We then began installing 650 m2 of high quality Rolawn Medallion Turf.  

The rear section of the garden was laid prior to the artificial grass installation with the front installed after, this was done in order to prevent traffic crossing over the newly rooting turf. 

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One of the main challenges was keeping the lawn well irrigated whilst being laid.

Once we had the large rear section of lawn installed, we started work on the Artificial Grass area. 

As the swimming pool’s surrounding area had been created with the sole purpose of having artificial grass installed, there was no dig out required. 

Our first step was to raise the area by an average of 11 cm. To do this this we needed to install 14 m3 of Type 1 Mot and 6m3 of Crushed Granite.

As with the topsoil all the sub-base materials had to be carried into the garden. 

Once our base was installed and compressed using a compactor plate, it was levelled off using fine rakes and levelling bars to ensure a smooth and flat finish. 

Our client wanted an artificial grass that would blend beautifully into the natural Rolawn Medallion Turf, for this Easigrass’ Belgravia grass suited perfectly.


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The Belgravia was the perfect option to match into the natural lawn turf.

Due to the shape of the install we pre-cut the rolls back at our Sevenoaks Depot to ensure a seamless fitting. 

The grass was then moved into place before being pinned to prevent any future movement. 

Finally, in order to uphold the lawns incredible appearance, using our mechanical brush we imported 12 bags of fine Easi Silica Sand


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The finished project, the vibrant Belgravia looking fantastic in the spring sunshine.


The project was completed in budget and on time over 14 days.

We thoroughly enjoyed working with our partners on this project and it was great to create a garden that included a variety of the services we offer.  


Please see below for links to the products used on this project. 

Rolawn Medallion Turf -

British Standard Screened Topsoil -

Lawn Establishment Fertiliser -

Our Partners The London Decking Company -


For a free estimation on having an artificial or natural lawn installed in your garden please call us on 02086479123.

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The natural and artificial lawn leading into an incredible Millboard Deck Installed by our partners The London Decking Company.


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Our customer couldn’t believe the transformation from start to finish.