Cobham Surrey Case Study


This project was completed in October 2017 by The London Lawn Turf Company and it involved the re-turfing of an 400m2 lawn area in Cobham. The project took four weeks to complete and had an unexpected challenge onsite in the finding of a Victorian water drainage tank under the existing ground.

The customer wanted a specific level on the new lawn, to sit in line with new paved areas. On exposure of the water tank, the parapet was sitting proud of the required level. We removed the top and the walls of the tank with a breaker, using the waste along with sand and cement to backfill the void and stabilise the ground. Finally, we installed a membrane before filling in the remaining space with fresh top soil. We worked closely alongside our customers to ensure our products and services met their high specification.

We imported somewhat 60m3 of fresh topsoil with the aid of a digger and dumper, allowing us to distribute the materials as efficiently as possible without creating any damage to the site. Starting with around 70% of a standard grade top soil to acquire the correct height and create a good base. We then applied around 30% of our certified, premium grade top soil to achieve a perfect final level, with extra nutrients for the new turf. As with all our projects, prior to laying the turf we apply a pre-turf establishment fertiliser evenly over the area. This is to establish strong and healthy root growth and fast lawn establishment, also feeding the lawn for up to 4 months. Finishing off with our high-quality turf, achieving a professional finish for the garden.

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- 400m2 Rolawn Medallion Turf

- 42m3 Standard Grade Topsoil

- 18m3 Premium Grade Sandy Loam Topsoil

- 4m3 C20 Grade Pre-Mixed Concrete

- 2m3 Sharp Sand

- Landscaping Membrane


- Rotavator

- Turf Cutter                 

- 3 Tonne Digger                      

- 1 Tonne Tracked Dumper

Time On Site:          

- 23 days