The East Ridgeway Project

This project focused on the removal of a 65m front lawn and a 310m back lawn, and replacing it with our fresh new lawn turf. The key preparation tools that were used involved a turf cutter and rotavator. Our friendly team independently used a self-driven turf cutter, which helped us to remove any existing lawn turf. We cut down to a depth of 35mm to remove both the lawn of the surface and an enormous part of the root system below the surface. After clearing out all the old turf, we begun to use a rotavator that went 120mm in depth, to loosen up the compact subsoil and support the drainage in the garden.

Using British Standard Sandy topsoil, we raked out the soil to ensure a flatter even level and semi compacted by foot. To achieve the correct flat level and quality of soil, we used 30 tonnes of this British Standard Sandy topsoil across all areas. After this, we were off site for two days to allow access for the irrigation company to install and test sprinkler heads, since the home owners requested to improve the irregular levels in the garden. Once the team had returned, the final level of lawn was made up to customer satisfaction. To achieve a high quality finish, we used the Rolawn pre-turf fertiliser on the entire garden prior to the turf being laid. Rolawn Medallion Turf was then laid on top of the entire garden and cut around existing bedding areas.