Woodfield Hill

This project involved the full re-turfing, planting, edging and irrigating of the rear lawn and bedding areas of a large family home in Horley. The customer had specifically asked us to remedy the irregular levels in the garden and increase the height the lawn in relation to the newly installed patio, and also to provide a fully automated irrigation system.

Working closely with an outside irrigation company it was arranged that all irrigation pipework would be laid prior to our arrival, leaving only the sprinkler heads to be installed once we had achieved a near final level.

The area had been cleared prior to our arrival, so the team removed any regrowth from the proposed lawn area.

Once we had cleared away all remnants of the old lawn the site was rotavated to a depth of 120mm to break up the compact subsoil and aid the drainage on site.

The now refined soil was then raked out to achieve a flatter level and semi
compacted by foot.

13m³ of sandy loam topsoil, delivered by The London Topsoil Company, was then spread over the site and the teams began to work on the final levels.

6m³ of Bedding soils were spread and worked into the bedding areas ready to for planting.

Working closely with our Planting Consultant we then set about installing the plants and shrubs to a specified planting plan.

We then pulled off site for 3 days to allow access for the irrigation company to install and test the sprinkler heads and drip line bedding irrigation.

Upon return the team achieved a flat final level to the satisfaction of the

Rolawn pre-turf fertiliser was applied to the entire site, with Rolawn Medallion Turf then being laid over the and cut around the bedding areas.

Core Edging was then installed to create a formal edge between the bedding areas and the lawn.