Country Gardens

Full of charm and character, country gardens are quintessentially cheerful and colourful outdoor spaces. They have an extremely diverse planting style, often combining a variety vegetables, perennials, cutting flowers and even fruit trees to create an inviting and imaginative garden. This exciting eclectic mix of greenery suits the relaxed style of country gardens, they feature stunningly simple designs and they steer clear of fussy layouts and anything intricate. Tangles of fantastic flowers add a variety of texture and colour to country gardens and wooden benches are nestled between them to punctuate the space.

Aged features such as wheelbarrows and plant pots add character and increase the rustic charm of any country garden. Water features, ornaments and statues can also be found amongst the shrubbery. A path positioned through the middle of the garden often adds visual relief from the classically crowded plantings and allows for summery strolls whilst taking in your surroundings. Quite notably, country gardens are also wildlife friendly and feature plants and structures that attract native wildlife; you can enjoy a plethora of creatures from the comfort of your home. Lots of lazy summer days and cosy winter evenings can be spent outside on spacious decking areas overlooking your charming country garden.

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