Large Gardens

Big, bold and robust planting is required for those lucky enough to have large gardens. Small gardens can often look busy when many colours are used, yet in large gardens the addition of bright colours when planting adds excitement and variety. They can be full of flowerbeds, with a limited planting palette that is used in greater numbers and repeated to create drama. Similarly, planting a large amount of trees looks incredibly impressive. A big space doesn’t have to be daunting and large gardens are home to plants that offer a high impact but are low maintenance to ensure that tending to the sizeable outdoor space is a little easier.

Large gardens provide countless opportunities for creativity, from ponds that can become focal points to vibrant vegetable gardens. Sheds, seating areas, swings, and statues can be seamlessly placed within large gardens. Expansive patio or decking spaces look out over luscious lawns. Large gardens can be left as one large impressive plot or divided into a series of smaller plots. Hedges can divide areas of the garden, creating compartments that each possess their own fascinating features and gorgeous greenery. The generous space provided by large gardens means that they are be suited to just about anything!

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