How do I grow a lawn from seed and when is the best time to do this?

The best time of year for seeding is spring and autumn depending on the weather conditions and temperature.Instructions for sowing a lawn: - Dig over area to a depth of 15-22 cm (6 - 9"), removing all weeds and large stones - Firm and level area. - For the best possible results use high quality topsoil as a seed bed when sowing lawn seed. It is an ideal way to enhance poor soil and give the seeds the ideal environment in which to germinate and to develop into strong healthy plants. - After digging always apply lawn fertilizer to the soil to give your lawn seed the best possible start. - Apply seed evenly over the area at a rate of approximately 35 grams per square metre. It is better to apply the seed in a number of passes achieve an even spread. - Lightly rake the seed into the top 12-15 mm (½ - 1") of soil. - Firm the soil ideally with a light roller or by treading in. You may want to lightly rake then firm the soil a second time to achieve a level surface. - Water well if no significant rain falls. It is essential to keep the soil slightly moist until the grass plants have established. - Germination should occur in 7 - 21 days depending upon conditions. - The grass can be mown gently when up to 5 - 8 cm (2-3") high. As the sward fills you can gradually mow down to the desired height. Remember never to cut more than a third of the height at a time. - After seeding a new lawn, new weed growth must be treated appropriately to prevent encroachment.

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