Leading Turf Suppliers in Wentworth

At The London Lawn Turf Company, we offer many turf supplying services across areas, including the South East and London. Our company has completed many projects, with our recent one located in Wentworth, London. This project involved a brand new renovation on a large uneven garden.

One of the biggest challenges that the team and the customer was concerned on how compacted the soil ground was. Before carrying out the planned project, we spent extra time and care to make sure we prepared the ground to a high standard and the new lawn had the best start. This is why we used a rotavator to break up the compacted soil, and continued carrying out this process until the soil became refined.

Once we levelled the existing soil, a wonderful team from The London Topsoil Company had delivered 30m³ of sandy loam topsoil in Highgate West Hill, which was laid on top. The team had worked on getting the ground at an even final level. As part of our turf supplying services, we meet the needs of any customer requests and specifications for our customers in Wentworth. This is why we installed a timber edging, as specifically requested by the customer on the Highgate West Hill project.

We then focused on the shingle area on the site, by using a weed membrane to kill off any weeds from growing in the long-term. Once we were happy with this stage, we then moved onto adding Cotswold Buff stone chippings and levelled up to the wooden edging. We then laid 140 sqm of Rolawn medallion turf to the ground.

At the back of the garden site, the customer had requested us to plant 7 large Silver Birch Trees to create a screen to overlook the flats from their view. These trees were secured with stakes for support and protection. Using the same method for the shingle area, we installed a soft play area using Rolawn Park Bark.

For more information on the Highgate West Hill case study project, please take a look on our website at hhtp://www.londonlawnturf.co.uk/blog/case-studies on our turf supplying services. If you would like to speak to a friendly members of the team about our lawn turf services that we offer to customers in Wentworth, then please give us a call on 01959 897 603.