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  • Wrapping Plants This Winter

    No, we don’t mean wrapping them up as gifts! With the winter months well and truly upon us, it is import that we consider how our plants in the garden will fare during these freezing times. Tender plants can be cut back, lifted and then stored in a dormant state. Alternatively they can be protected with a covering of organic matter known as mulch. However, if it is not practical to lift or move tender plants then we recommend wrapping them up to protect them from the cold and wet winter weather. Even relatively hardy plants that are located in cold or exposed areas could use protection. If you believe that your plants could benefit from a little warmth this winter then we recommend using materials such as fleece, bracken, hessian, and polystyrene to insulate plants. Continue reading

  • Kensington Roof Gardens

    Project: Kensington Roof Gardens

    Project Size: 450m2

    The Roof Gardens in Kensington were first opened to the public in May 1938, and was the vision of Trevor Bowen, the vice president of John Barker & Co. The gardens took two years to build, and Bowen’s musings were realised by landscape architect Ralph Hancock. Not a detail was spared, with over 500 species of plants and shrubs, and even importing rock from Pennsylvania to support his alpine planting. Continue reading

  • The East Ridgeway Project

    Project: 11 East Ridgeway, Cuffley, Potters Bar, EN64AW.

    Project Size: 310m Rear Garden - 65m Front Garden

    This project focused on the removal of a 65m front lawn and a 310m back lawn, and replacing it with our fresh new lawn turf. The key preparation tools that were used involved a turf cutter and rotavator. Our friendly team independently used a self-driven turf cutter, which helped us to remove any existing lawn turf. We cut down to a depth of 35mm to remove both the lawn of the surface and an enormous part of the root system below the surface. After clearing out all the old turf, we begun to use a rotavator that went 120mm in depth, to loosen up the compact subsoil and support the drainage in the garden. Continue reading

  • Upper Harbledown, Canterbury

    Project: Upper Harbledown, Canterbury

    Project Size: 3000m2

    This project was completed in October 2015 by The London Lawn Turf Company and it involved the re-turfing of an extremely large lawn area in Canterbury. The project was completed over a two-week period despite challenging weather conditions, which demonstrates our commitment to providing an exceptional service whatever the weather. Continue reading

  • Burn calories whilst mowing your lawn


    Burn calories whilst mowing your lawn

    Have you ever been curious to know how many calories one person can burn whilst carrying out various garden and yard activities, such as mowing the lawn? Mowing the lawn for a good 20 minutes can help you burn more calories than going for a power walk. You may have not realised that mowing the lawn is a great energy-consuming activity, and so you are improving your health. Lets take a look at how many calories an individual can actually burn whilst mowing the lawn!

    Continue reading

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