1. How To Maintain Your Lawn During Winter

    Frosty Lawn It can be tempting to put away any garden equipment for the next couple of months, as the winter season begins to get colder and frostier, with lower temperatures and many rainy days. It is significant to ensure that your garden is well and truly looked after since the effects of your lawn during the winter season can be devastating if it is not maintained. With changing sun positions and decreased direct sunlight, increased shade, lower daylight hours, and lower soil temperatures, it allows the grass to become more vulnerable and difficult to repair during spring and summer seasons. This is why it is important to ensure that your garden is getting the right tender, love and care for this winter. By keeping your garden in top shape this winter, your garden can look fresh and healthy just in time for spring! Below, are great practices that you can take to maintain your lawn: Continue reading →
  2. 10 Things To Do in The Garden With Your Kids This Summer

    10 Things To Do in The Garden With Your Kids This Summer
    With the summer holidays upon on, we can only hope this sunshine will stick around so the kids can enjoy the great outdoors (minus their raincoats). If you’re wondering how on earth you’re going to keep them occupied, we’ve got some suggestions for you – all of which can be enjoyed in the garden. Continue reading →
  3. Design Inspiration for Small Gardens

    Design Inspiration for Small Gardens
    They say good things come in small packages. Well, it’s no less true for small gardens. While you’ve got less space to work with, there are lots of ways to maximise what you do have (we can vouch for that as a London-based company) – it just takes a bit of vision and plenty of inspiration. Whether you want to create a space for your family, for a place of tranquil or an area for entertaining friends, we have a team of landscapers who have been making ideas come to reality. With that said, we’ve got some design ideas to get your garden-juices flowing, whether you’re updating your space or giving it a complete makeover. Continue reading →
  4. How to Prevent Dog Urine Ruining your Lawn

    dog-lawnOwning a four-legged friend will no doubt bring untold levels of joy to your life. They provide a loyal companion, get you out of the house and can even lower your risk of heart disease. Unfortunately apart from maybe scaring off badgers, your lawn isn’t likely to see any of these benefits. Continue reading →
  5. Using topsoil for successful bare root transplanting

    Using topsoil for successful bare root transplanting
    When you buy hedging plants and shrubs from a wholesale nursery, they often come as bare root transplants, rather than potted. This makes them lighter and less bulky to transport, which makes life much easier for you if you need to purchase hedging plants in large quantities. But how do you should you go about planting and caring for your bare root transplants? Continue reading →
  6. Topsoil and compost: what's the difference?

    Topsoil and compost: what's the difference?
    Most gardening advice gives great tips on how to create and use garden compost, but not everybody understands the difference between this and a high quality topsoil. We explain exactly what topsoil is and why buying topsoil is a good alternative to costly and time-consuming compost making. Continue reading →
  7. The best way to use Landscaping bark in a London garden

    The best way to use Landscaping bark in a London garden
    Landscaping bark is a fantastic material to use in the garden. It's a biodegradable mulch that will not only suppress weeds but will help your soil retain moisture so you need to water less, protects plant roots from extreme temperatures and improves soil texture. It also looks beautiful too, adding a natural finish to your urban London garden. Continue reading →
  8. Rolawn: a superior turf

    Rolawn: a superior turf
    When it comes to grass turf, it goes without saying that you'll want only the finest quality product in order to bring your garden to life. For decades, there has been one name renowned amongst gardeners for producing premium quality garden turf with consistent results: Rolawn. Continue reading →
  9. Garden Water Features That Are Perfect for Your Home This Summer

    Garden Water Features That Are Perfect for Your Home This Summer
    Though the wet weather may be providing all of the water you currently need, we all should be preparing for the probable heat wave heading our way. There are few things more exquisite than relaxing in your luscious garden on a summer afternoon with the trickling sound of water nearby. You don’t need to be residing in a house by a lake to achieve this; London Lawn Turf have hunted down the most effective garden water features for your home this summer. Continue reading →
  10. Low Cost Tips To Make Your Garden Look Great

    a picture of a seed growing Here at London Lawn Turf, we like to relish in the benefits of caring for your garden. Despite the seemingly endless list of equipment and seedlings required for to create a stunning garden, gardening itself doesn’t have to be a costly activity. London Lawn Turf have compiled a list of handy tips which are low cost and guaranteed to help get your garden blooming without dipping too far into your wallet. Continue reading →

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