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  • Increasing your topsoil's food production potential

    Any self-sufficient home is going to need to produce home-grown food. But what if you don't have a lot of gardening knowledge? Well now's the time to learn, with handy gardening tips that will not only make growing food easier, but that will cut down on waste too due to the reusing and recycling of materials.
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  • Topsoil and compost: what's the difference?

    Most gardening advice gives great tips on how to create and use garden compost, but not everybody understands the difference between this and a high quality topsoil. We explain exactly what topsoil is and why buying topsoil is a good alternative to costly and time-consuming compost making. Continue reading

  • Just what's so great about topsoil anyway?

    Just what's so great about topsoil anyway? It's probably not a question that keeps you awake at night, but this nutrient-rich wonder can work miracles in your garden.
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  • How to control topsoil erosion in sloping gardens

    If you own a property that sits on sloping ground, the potential for topsoil erosion is something that you should take into consideration when landscaping your garden. Losing soil through topsoil erosion can not only leave your garden with unattractive bald spots, it also removes valuable nutrients, leaving your planting at risk of dying.
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  • A guide to turf laying in the summertime

    A beautiful, emerald green, roll-on lawn turf can add instant kerb appeal to your home. However, laying a roll-on lawn in hot weather presents its own special set of challenges. Here are some helpful tips on how to ensure that your summer turf laying project is a success.
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