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  • 3 ways using topsoil can enhance your garden

    A common misconception about topsoil is that it is all the same. Yes, all topsoil is made from a mix of sand, silt, clay and organic matter; however, varying proportions of these elements can be mixed to form different types of topsoil that will work best in the different areas of your garden.
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  • How much topsoil do I need for my garden?

    Topsoil is like black gold for your garden, creating a stable base for hard landscaping, giving a newly laid lawn the best start, encouraging the growth of beautiful blooms and boosting the productivity of your fruit and veg patch. But not every garden has the ideal soil composition that allows for good drainage while capturing essential nutrients and micro-organisms. Over time, topsoil can become eroded or depleted, and if you live in a new build, the topsoil may have been stripped completely during the build process. You need to replace the topsoil to work with your existing subsoil, but just how much do you need?
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  • Using topsoil for successful bare root transplanting

    When you buy hedging plants and shrubs from a wholesale nursery, they often come as bare root transplants, rather than potted. This makes them lighter and less bulky to transport, which makes life much easier for you if you need to purchase hedging plants in large quantities. But how do you should you go about planting and caring for your bare root transplants?
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  • A guide to applying topsoil to your lawn and garden

    The health of your garden's topsoil is essential for healthy fruit and vegetables and beautiful blooms. However, if your gardening on what was once a construction site or your soil has become compacted, it might be time to order some quality topsoil and start creating a lovely and productive garden.
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