Composting is the act of using decomposed organic matter to create soil rich in nutrients and moisture, and is used in thousands of gardens across the United Kingdom in order to aid the longevity of the greenery, the turf, and even the animals that reside within the inner-workings of the soil. Here at The London Lawn Turf Company, our experts wholly believe that composting is mutually beneficial for both you and your garden. For this reason, The London Lawn Turf Company has complied a list of four benefits that arrive alongside the choice to begin composting in your garden.  

Acts as a natural pesticide

One benefit of composting in your garden is minimising the need to apply pesticides to your soil in order to ward off unwanted visitors. Compost acts as a natural pest deterrent, controlling diseases that would otherwise thrive in clean, untouched soil.

Reduces landfill waste

The ecological aspect is a major benefit of choosing to compost in your garden. The Environmental Protection Agency reported that in 2013, over 35 billion tons of food waste ended up in landfill sites across the globe, a staggering number. Upon the implementation of a composting system in your garden, you are helping to effectively minimise this figure for the better.

Builds healthy soil

Composting returns valuable nutrients to soil which would be lacking in sterile soil. The compost contains small microorganisms such as bacteria or beetles which ultimately help to propagate the soil and thus cultivate better, healthier plants and greenery for your garden.

Adds more nitrogen to the garden

Upon the season change of winter to spring, ensure that you add aged compost to your soil heaps. Compost releases organic nitrogen into the atmosphere, which in turn helps to promote health within the greenery and flowers growing in your garden.   The four reasons above are just a small indication as to how composting could be used to improve the health of your garden, and the environment around us. As leading supplies in the UK, The London Lawn Turf Company we can provide our customers with high quality composing equipment that will help to cultivate a healthy composting system within your garden with ease. If you’d like to speak to a member of our friendly and knowledgeable team regarding our composting provisions, please do not hesitate to call 01959 897 603 today.