It can be frustrating when you’ve just planted a beautiful garden, and you begin to notice piles of earth amongst you flowers, ruining the look and spoiling your flowers. Although moles can be good for aerating your garden and eating the larvae of destructive insects, they can also kill your grass and ruin beds and vegetable gardens. There are many ways to discourage moles from going through your garden, here are some of the most effective ones.

Use a mole specific trap - These traps seem to be the most effective way to rid your garden of moles. They are available to be purchased online or from garden and hardware shops. These will typically be spring loaded and require you to set them up in an active tunnel, however they are extremely effective. There are many humane traps that ensure the mole is not hurt available to purchase as well.

It is possible to gas the moles out of your garden, which involves spraying the gas solution into the tunnels and leaving it to do the job. It is important to keep children and pets away from the garden during the gassing process, as it is toxic and can harm humans.

There are also some home remedies that you can put into play, such as creating barriers with plants that deter moles. Planting plants such as daffodils, marigolds, alliums, and fritillarias will help to keep moles at bay, and keep your garden looking colourful during the warmer season.

Finally, you may consider creating your own home made mole repellant. You can create a mixture using castor oil, which can be found in most health sections of super markets, and washing up liquid. Mix six ounces of castor oil with two tablespoons of dish soap in one gallon of water to create a concentrate. Apply to your lawn periodically, and be sure to reapply after it rains.