With Christmas just around the corner, many of us are already landscaping our gardens with outside Christmas decorations ready for the festive season. Christmas trees are being arranged inside and out, the fairy lights are being draped across our lawns and the decorations are being propped up. Outside Christmas decorations can be tricky to arrange and safety is the first thing you should be considering when installing any of these.

Always Choose Waterproof Lights

Ensuring your lights will work efficiently when landscaping your garden is important if you’re looking to keep them up all season. Firstly, make sure you purchase lights that are labelled as ‘Outdoor Lighting’ and check the packaging to see that they are waterproof. If you have purchased outdoor lights, you can check the bulbs to see if they are waterproof - they will have an IP rating stating their level of protection against water.

Using Correct Power Outlets

Using the correct power source with any of your outside christmas decorations is vital to ensure that there are no fuse blows or power trips. All decorations must be plugged into a RCD socket and any plugs must also be waterproof; we want sparkling lights not sparking lights!

The Basics

When landscaping your garden with decorations, there is a basic knowledge of things that must be avoided. Such as:
  • not draping lights on trees that touch power lines
  • not hammering nails into the lines of lights
  • not using blue tack (electrical tape is a great alternative)
  • turn all decorations off at night.
Follow these tips and you’ll keep your outside christmas decorations dazzling throughout the festive season. If you’re ever unsure on how to correctly and safely landscape your garden with decorations and would like some advice, then please call The London Lawn Turf Company on 01959 897 603 and we’ll be happy to help.