Laying lawn turf is the fastest and easiest way to create the lawn of your dreams. But what can you do with the leftovers once you've trimmed and edged or if you have a few turf rolls left over? Here are 5 unusual ways to use leftover lawn turf in your home and garden. 1. Create living furniture If you love the feel of luscious lawn turf under your feet, or you love to lie out on a summer's day, then why not create some living furniture that's a little easier on the back. Creating a living lawn couch is a surprisingly easy project - and a good way to make use of some of those old bricks or pallets you keep meaning to reuse or recycle. You'll want to order more lawn turf than you need to create one or more of these features for the garden. 2. Make an indoor garden Fill a container with soil and add your leftover turf strips, then plant in bulbs or annual plants to create a simple and satisfying indoor garden. Or why not use your leftover lawn turf strips to create a living mulch for your pot plants or window boxes for a bit of wow factor? 3. Green ornaments Because lawn turf is so pliable and easy to work with, it's easy to mould to just about any shape. Tuck it inside an old pair of wellies or gardening clogs, line a disused trug or mould around a rusty watering can. Grass is incredibly tenacious and will grow just about anywhere, so experiment with creating unusual green ornaments. 4. Insulate a roof If you have a flat roof somewhere on your property, or you want to experiment with natural insulation for your shed, then try using your leftover lawn turf to create a green roof. Not only will you attract beneficial insects into the garden, especially if you have a small urban outside space, but you'll benefit from the naturally insulating properties of turf. 5. Create a talking point If you have an old coffee table that's destined for the dump, try upcycling it with a grass top instead. Or add leftover lawn turf to a lamp base. Let your imagination run wild and you'll create a real talking point for your home by getting creative with your leftover lawn turf!