In an ideal world we would all have the time and garden space to create our own nourishing and friable topsoil, but for many gardeners, in particular, the city gardener, this is not possible. The good news, however, is that quality, bagged topsoil can be purchased from London Lawn Turf Topsoils in a range of different types which correspond exactly to your garden needs. Here, we'll help you to decide which is the right topsoil for you. The first thing to consider when purchasing topsoil is the standard to which it has been analysed. Standard BS3882 sets out the composition, texture, contaminants and acidity of a topsoil and all London Lawn Turf topsoils have been analysed to ensure that these criteria are met. You may be unaware that different plants in your garden require different types of topsoil. Here's what you need to know: Topsoil for lawn top dressing Any topsoil you use to dress (add additional soil) or reseed an existing lawn should contain a good proportion of sand to allow efficient drainage and prevent the lawn from becoming waterlogged. This also applies to topsoil that will be used to seed new lawns. Topsoil for your vegetable garden The fruit and vegetables in your kitchen garden have to channel a lot of growth through a relatively short growing season. This means that they require additional nutrients that might not be beneficial, for example, on a lawn. Ideally, fruit and vegetable topsoil should contain a high volume of organic matter and be friable enough to allow small roots to take hold quickly and easily. Topsoil for quality plant growth You may have decorative areas of your garden that require a good all-round loam that will perform well whatever the water conditions and provide both the drainage and nutrients that your plants need. For these more general-purpose needs, we recommend our general loam topsoil which includes some sand but also a good helping of organic nutrients. General-use topsoil Many areas of your garden will not have a specific decorative or kitchen garden purpose. Whilst these areas do still require a good quality topsoil, they do not have the same demands of nutrient need or drainage. For these general-purpose areas, a screened sandy loam with a pH level of around 7.5 will be entirely adequate. At London Lawn Turf, we pride ourselves on our outstanding selection of quality topsoil and lawn products. We can provide your garden with the nutritious soil it needs to grow healthy and long-lasting plants for you to enjoy. For a free quote and some expert advice, please feel free to get in touch today.