When is the best time of year to lay turf?

You can lay Medallion® turf all year round, however it is best to avoid laying turf in frosty conditions. During extended periods of hot and dry weather additional care and attention will be required.

How soon after laying turf can I walk on the lawn?

Medallion® turf will accept light traffic almost immediately, though you should keep off your new lawn other than for mowing for the first few weeks.

How much should you aerate your turf?

It is unlikely that you will aerate your turf too much. However, it is better to repeat the process several times a year if your soil is compacted, rather than do a lot all at once. If the holes that you make in the turf are about 25-50mm apart, you have done a good job. Repeat that several times a year and your turf should improve. As the turf grows, it too will reduce soil compaction as its roots push soil particles apart.

When should you aerate your turf?

It is best to aerate your turf when it is growing, expecially before applying a lawn food or topdressing. This allows the turf to grow into the aeration holes where there is plenty of water, oxygen and space. Caution should be taken if aerating when it is hot and dry. Open holes in your turf when it is hot and dry could cause the turf to suffer from drought and heat stress. To avoid this, water the turf after you aerate - Remember: Even healthy lawns can suffer from compaction, but it can be relieved through aeration.

How soon after laying turf should I mow my lawn?

You can mow your lawn as soon as five days after laying Medallion® turf if this can be done without disturbing the rooting process. Most people leave the grass to get too long before mowing.

How long after delivery can I leave my turf rolled up before laying?

Turf must be rolled out within 24 hours in the Autumn/Winter and immediately in Spring/Summer.

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