How much soil do I need to lay my turf onto?

We recommend a minimum depth of 100mm (4"), ideally 150mm (6") of good quality topsoil. It is important to dig over or rotovate the soil to break up compaction as a well prepared soil will encourage deep, rapid rooting of your new turf.

How should I remove toadstools from my turf?

When conditions are right for them toadstools may appear in any lawn whether long established or recently laid. Generally they are harmless but they should not be eaten. Remove by picking them off (wear gloves), however if they are too numerous they can be mown off with a box on the lawn mower in order to collect them. Following a good mowing regime should help reduce the frequency of appearance of toadstools. Also a sharp frost tends to reduce a toadstool population.

How do I calculate the amount of turf refquired for a circular lawn?

To calculate the area of a circular lawn, measure the diameter of the lawn and then divide by 2 to find the radius. Multiply the radius by itself and the multiply this by 3.14. Eg if the lawn has a diameter of 10m, the radius is 5. (5 x 5 x 3.14 = 78.5m²) We recommend you add 5% for shaping and wastage.

My dog is urinating on my lawn and it is discolouring the grass, what can I do to stop this and how can I repair the damage?

The only true way to prevent this is to train the dog to urinate somewhere else. The chemicals in animal urine (dog, fox, badger) will change the appearance of a lawn. If the event is witnessed then the area concerned can be washed down with plenty of plain water; diluting the chemicals to prevent any major damage. A poorly fed lawn will show urination spots as lush, dark green, quick growing patches. In a well fed lawn the animal urine will cause brown patches where the turf looks dead and perhaps a dark green surrounding edge. If you have lush, dark green patches these need to be systematically mown down to the height of the rest of the lawn; and the lawn needs to be given a high quality feed. Brown patches need to be raked to remove dead fibres, then overseeded, using a 50/50 soil/seed mix.

What depth of play grade bark do you recommend?

We recommend a minimum depth of 300mm (12") when used in a children's play area or 50mm (2") when used as a decorative woodchip mulch.

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