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  • 6 Tips for Planning a Day in The Countryside

    Now that the arrival of spring and summer is approaching us, it is the perfect opportunity for us to engage in more outdoor activities. A short weekend trip to the countryside is fun and adventurous, where you can go on treks, visit the beautiful villages and gardens, and enjoy the breath-taking sights. We have provided useful tips and tricks on how you can make a weekend trip go smoothly without any worries or stress.

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  • Natural History Museum Case Study

    We were lucky enough to work on the grounds of the Natural History Museum, removing the existing lawn due to damage from the ice rink that they install over the festive period. We prepared the ground using a Five Tonne Digger and a Tractor Mounted Stone Burier, removing what was left of the old turf and preparing the earth underneath.

    One of the main concerns was that the ground was extremely saturated from the ice rink. To overcome this, we supplied and installed over 50m3 of Sandy Loam Topsoil to create the final level. The area was first graded off using the digger to create a flatter surface, we then passed over the area using the stone burier, turning over the ground to a depth of 500 mm. This ensured that the turf we then laid would get the best start and continue to grow healthily.

    Once we had created a level surface, we rolled out 2040m2 of Rolawn Medallion Turf. This was installed over a period of 3 days, being sure to leave the finished project looking sleek and professional.  

    We spent extra time and care to make sure that the preparatory works were completed to as high a standard as possible. This ensures that any new lawn has the best start possible.

    We were limited to only accessing the site prior to 10am, meaning that we had to overcome this logistical challenge when organising the delivery of materials and machinery. Timing was also key when carrying our this project, as we were tasked with completing the project within 5 days. We were proud to achieve this, whilst also meeting the very high specification.

    We completed this project to our usual high standards, taking all site restrictions into consideration. An exciting project, delivering our loyal customers exceptional results.  

  • Highgate West Hill - Wentworth

    We conducted a project in Wentworth located in London, working on 140m worth of land, as well as shingle and barked areas. We used a small self-driven turf cutter to clear any unwanted remaining lawn. We made sure to cut 35mm off from the bottom, which included the surface lawn and the large part of the root system below the surface being removed.

    After the old lawn was no longer visible, we put a new layer of high quality, refined soil. This soil was raked out carefully to achieve a better-finished look, by making it flatter and equal, as well as, compacted the soil by foot with our wonderful team at hand. Using 30m³ of sandy loam topsoil, specifically delivered by the reliable London Topsoil Company, we then applied this across the entire site. The team then started to implement the final levels. Once the final levels were completed, we then installed a timber edging on the outside of the site, which was personally requested by the customer.

    After the final levels and timber edging were conducted, we then placed shingle in the stoney dining area. To achieve this, we used a weed membrane to prevent any weed from growing and levelling it with a Cotswold buff stone chipping on top of the shingle. We made sure this buff stone chipping was equally levelled with the wooden edging.

    Our team then focused on the back of the garden, by laying high quality turf on the ground site. At the rear end of the garden, we planted 7 large birch trees to construct a screen from the overlooking flats. That way, our customer has a beautiful view to look at with an aspect of privacy. The last stage we had to complete on this project was building a bark play area, using the same technique as the stoney dining area. 

This project in Wentworth went very successful, as well as our customer’s experience. Our team ensured that every step of the process was completed to a high standard.

    For more information on the Highgate West Hill case study project, please take a look on our website at hhtp:// on our turf supplying services. If you would like to speak to a friendly members of the team about our lawn turf services that we offer to customers in Wentworth, then please give us a call on 01959 897 603.

  • 6 Lawn Tips to Prepare For This Spring

    A change in season only means one thing; a change in lawn care is needed too. Now that the dark, frosty, cold weather is beginning to fade away, the brighter days of spring are entering, and the days seem to get lighter and less cold. It is important to make sure that you offer tender, love and care to any damaged leaves, plants or turf from over winter. This is why we have provided an exciting, useful guide on how to conduct a winter clean up and prepare your garden for the beautiful spring season.

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