Monthly Archives: April 2016

  • Eight Common Gardening Terms and What They Mean

    Whether you’re new to the intrepid world of gardening, or are an old hat that has made their way with little research, gardening terms can sometimes be obscure and confusing. To save you the time of trawling through gardening blogs and books each time you encounter a gardening term you don’t know, we’ve compiled a list of the most common ones we’ve come across, and explained exactly what they mean.

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  • How to Establish new Lawn Turf Quickly

    You may think that the hard work is over once you have lain your new turf, however, getting your lawn to establish is just as important. By caring for your turf, and closely monitoring it’s progress, you stand the best chance of it lasting. We have put together a guide to caring for your freshly lain lawn, to help you ensure the health and longevity of your new turf. Continue reading

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