You may think that the hard work is over once you have lain your new turf, however, getting your lawn to establish is just as important. By caring for your turf, and closely monitoring it’s progress, you stand the best chance of it lasting. We have put together a guide to caring for your freshly lain lawn, to help you ensure the health and longevity of your new turf. Access Do not attempt to walk across your turf directly. Lay boards and planks across the lawn to allow for the even distribution of your weight, minimising the risk of foot depressions in your turf. Don’t forget to remove the boards after you have finished accessing the garden. Don’t forget to keep pets of the lawn, and that any wheelbarrow access is also made via wooden planks and boards! Moisture When our turf is growing before sale, it can establish roots up to three feet deep, which means that it has a lot to catch up on once it has been lain! An established root system is far more capable of gathering moisture, which is why you must manually ensure that your turf is receiving enough liquid for at least 4 weeks. Mowing Heights Little and often is a good motto when it comes to grass mowing. The more infrequently you mow the thinner your lawn will be. However, taking off 25% of the length frequently will ensure that your new lawn will be thick and luxurious. Fertilise! Make sure you fertilise your lawn at least once within the first 4 weeks of your turf being lain. After then, it is a good idea to fertilise at least once every 2 to 3 months. You could also consider using a plain lawn fertiliser (no weed or moss killer) after you mow the lawn, as this replaces some of the nutrients lost during the mowing process.