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  • Four Benefits of Composting in Your Garden


    Composting is the act of using decomposed organic matter to create soil rich in nutrients and moisture, and is used in thousands of gardens across the United Kingdom in order to aid the longevity of the greenery, the turf, and even the animals that reside within the inner-workings of the soil. Here at The London Lawn Turf Company, our experts wholly believe that composting is mutually beneficial for both you and your garden. For this reason, The London Lawn Turf Company has complied a list of four benefits that arrive alongside the choice to begin composting in your garden.

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  • What You Should Be Planting in Autumn


    With the turn of the season, garden parties begin to dwindle and your lawn gets coated in dark leaves and rain. You’d be forgiven for giving up on your garden through the autumn, waiting patiently for warmer months. However, autumn is actually an ideal time to be out amongst the hedgerows planting, as roots establish well at this time of year. At The London Lawn Turf Company, we’ve collected a little list of lovely plants to start planting in autumn.

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