With the turn of the season, garden parties begin to dwindle and your lawn gets coated in dark leaves and rain. You’d be forgiven for giving up on your garden through the autumn, waiting patiently for warmer months. However, autumn is actually an ideal time to be out amongst the hedgerows planting, as roots establish well at this time of year. At The London Lawn Turf Company, we’ve collected a little list of lovely plants to start planting in autumn.

Fruit Bushes

Late autumn is the ideal time to be planting wonderful fruit bushes. Different varieties require different circumstances; raspberries need a sunny spot whilst strawberries can thrive in partial shade. Research your chosen fruit’s needs to make sure you pick the perfect spot in your garden for your fruit bush planting in autumn. Make sure you remember to prune the bushes in late winter, though, to make sure you achieve a healthy crop.  


As we mentioned, autumn is the ideal time for roots to establish in the soil due to the warmth that’s been collecting throughout summer. Therefore, you are much more likely to have success with your trees if you plant them in the autumn time. It’s not just the soil temperature that causes this; because the tree won’t be producing leaves at this time, it can focus all of its reserves on growing and establishing its roots. When planted in spring, the tree simply has too much to do, and both the leaves and roots will suffer.  


For some types of roses, planting in Autumn is ideal. Similarly to trees, it takes away the strain from the plant of trying to bloom as well as establish roots. If you’re planting ‘own-root’ roses (roses created by rooting a cutting from the mother plant) then they will thrive best from planting in autumn. The common misconception that roses should be planted in spring has simply come from the fact that Nurseries sell their roses at this time because, yes, they planted them much earlier and now they’re blooming fully.   For more advice about your garden and lawn, take a browse of our other blog posts and ensure you get the very most out of your outdoor space. If you’re planning on planting lots this autumn, don’t forget to invest in some high-quality topsoil to give your plants the very best chance.