There's no doubt an emerald green lawn really is the centrepiece of the garden, and it's not that hard to achieve if you follow these simple tricks for caring for your lawn turf. Mow lawn turf in the cool Like any form of pruning, cutting the lawn puts your grass under tremendous stress. Mow in the heat of the day and your grass will lose water more quickly and take longer to recover, so mow in the early morning or later afternoon, or wait until the lawn is in shade before getting the mower out. Mow your lawn turf dry Never mow in the wet. There are several good reasons for this: • You'll create clumps of wet grass that can kill the lawn beneath if left uncollected • You're at risk of injury from slipping • You can tear the grass leaving it vulnerable to infection • You can create ruts and compression in wet soil. Invest in a mulching mower This has to be the ultimate time saver. Not only will you no longer have to rake or keep emptying the grass box, but you'll be providing your lawn with 25% of its nutritional needs creating stronger and healthier lawn turf while you do nothing! Mix up your mowing Mowing in the same direction or the same pattern over and over again can compact the soil and create ruts in your lawn. These create conditions where lawn turf weakens and weeds begin to thrive, so make sure you mow in a different pattern or direction each time. Don't scalp your lawn turf A close clipped lawn might give that velvety effect but it's actually really bad news for your lawn turf. Scalping leaves your grass turf weak with a poor root system and vulnerable to being overwhelmed by weeds. Set your mower on the highest setting for the first cuts in spring, and aim for about 1/2 inch for a healthy lawn. Keep your mower blade sharp A sharp blade gives a clean cut, whereas a blunt blade will rip and tear the blades of your grass turf, allowing them to become diseased and die off. Buy an extra mower blade to ensure you always have a sharp blade to hand.