When you think of turf, you may simply think about laying a lawn. A green, relatively low maintenance patch of garden that can be used for playing sports, or sitting out on when the weather is fine. However, there are lots of alternative uses for turf that can make a real impact on the appearance and function of your home and garden. Here are just a few: Turf strips You can create a stunning effect by adding strips of turf between paving slabs. Rather than showing plain cement, and waiting for the inevitable weeds to show up, enjoy the contrast of lush green against the stone. Worried about mowing? You can always use artificial turf. Turf roofs With the right preparation any roof, flat or pitched, can be home to a growing turf. This looks amazing (especially if you sew the turf with meadow flowers), but it also helps with surface water issues, provides more habitat for wildlife and - perhaps most importantly, it provides great insulation. Whether it's the roof of your home, garage, shed or out-building, this is another way to add green to your garden. Turf furniture Take a few pallets and arrange them like a sofa. Use this as a form to plant layers of turf. Tend it well and you'll soon have living outdoor furniture. Not only does this look amazing, but it is soft and comfortable to sit on, too. If you don't think you can manage even that simple construction then how about making yourself a seat or sunbed from a mound of earth that you then turf over? Mould it to your shape and put it in the perfect spot to catch the last rays of the sun on a summer evening. Bring turf inside Grass isn't just for outdoors. Pinterest is full of pictures of creative and innovative ways that people are bringing the garden into their home using turf. Whether it's laying down grass on top of indoor planters or adding a turf 'table runner' to your dining table, the surprise of seeing grass growing indoors creates quite an impact. Being in touch with nature is great for the work environment too, and these little strips of green are popping up on executive desks as well (fancy a round of desk golf, anyone?). Turf is a simple and affordable way to add interesting features to your garden. All it takes is a reliable supplier and a little creativity.