Soil is soil, you might think - but you'd be wrong. There are hundreds of different types and brands of topsoil available on the market and each one has its own specialist uses.

What is topsoil?

Soil is the upmost part of earth in which plants grow, and it's usually made up of a mixture of decomposing organic matter and rock and clay particulates. Hundreds of factors affect the makeup of the soil in any particular area, and each type of soil has its own particular set of qualities, making it better suited for different uses. If the soil in your back garden isn't right for your needs, you can buy specialist topsoil that will benefit your garden. Check out just a few of the types that we sell below:

Screened topsoil

Screened topsoil is the most all-purpose variety of soil on the market and is ideal for all sorts of applications in the garden. It has a pH level of around 7.6, only slightly more alkaline than neutral, and lots of plants will do well in it. Some plants do prefer soil with a higher or lower pH level, in which case it's worth investing in something a bit more specialist.

Turf & lawn seeding topsoil

If you're looking to get a new lawn off to the best possible start, this is the topsoil for you. As well as being easy to spread, even when it's damp, this soil is mixed with fertiliser to ensure that your lawn gets all the nutrients that it needs.

Vegetable & fruit topsoil

As you might have grasped from its name, vegetable and fruit topsoil is organic and very fertile, making it ideal for the keen cultivator eager to start harvesting produce from the garden. You'll be way ahead of the competition at the village fete vegetable contest if you're using a soil like this.

London blended mix topsoil

A high-quality growing media, this is a product which will help to kick start plant development of all kinds in your back garden. It's a peat-free organic mix that's minimally processed and offers excellent water-retention qualities to keep your plants well hydrated.

Shop for topsoil

If you're looking for the perfect topsoil for your needs, get in touch with The London Lawn Turf Co to find out more about the products we offer and what we would recommend you use.