Compost can be utilised to give your lawns, potted plants and flower beds a bit of a kickstart when your garden is beginning to look lacklustre, and there are many advantages to using compost to naturally achieve a great-looking garden. Compost: • Contains micro-organisms that help to fight off diseases and pests • Contains all the nutrients your lawns and plants need • Is an affordable way to get the right results

Using compost to improve your lawn

Regardless of whether you’ve just installed some brand-new lawn turf or have an existing lawn, compost can be used to achieve healthier, thicker grass. On a newly-seeded lawn, you should apply a thin layer of compost (approximately a quarter of an inch) to help keep the soil moisture consistent as the seeds begin to germinate and the grass seedlings establish. Top-dressing with compost is useful during dry spells as it stops new turf from drying out. On an existing lawn, compost can be used to revitalise your grass, particularly if it has been damaged from foot traffic, mowing and wintry weather. Top-dressing an existing lawn works well if the turf is aerated prior to spreading the compost. This can be done manually or via machine if you’re tending to a large patch of grass.

Compost spreading and aeration tips

The best time to top-dress and aerate your grass turf is when it is most actively growing. After all, aeration means you’re going to be puncturing holes in your grass, and the ability for it to rebound and repair is improved when it is growing strongly. The UK climate dictates that the best time to aerate is between spring and early summer. Any earlier and the grass will be dormant. Any later and the summer heat may stress the roots.

What if I haven’t got my own compost?

Many people are under the impression that composting means having a full-time dedication to putting food and garden waste into a bin all year round, but in order to enjoy the benefits of compost you don’t have to make your own. All-natural peat and mulch-free soil-improving compost is an affordable way to rejuvenate your lawn turf without having to spend a fortune, and is available as and when you need it, without having to wait for your compost bin to generate enough to cover your garden.