Autumn is a time when many gardeners are tempted to throw down their trowel and wait for the spring sun to draw them back into the garden again. However, you could be missing wonderful gardening opportunities. The London Lawn Turf spoke recently about the planting you can do in autumn, but there are plenty of other winter garden landscaping jobs you can do now that will help your garden through the colder seasons.  

Continue to Water

This may seem counter-intuitive, but continuing to water your garden is a wonderful way to ensure that it survives the winter in the best condition possible. You don’t need to water it much, but should consider getting the sprinkler out every 2 - 4 weeks as long as the temperatures are above freezing; this simple addition to your winter garden landscaping routine will make a big difference to your lawn’s health in the following months.

Take Care of Your Perennials

If you’ve planted perennials as part of your garden landscaping, you’ve got the benefit of having long-life plants brightening up your borders. However, this also comes with the responsibility of keeping them alive to get the most out of them. During autumn, consider giving your flower beds a truly thorough weeding. For dead flowers, cut them down to roughly two inches and then apply a layer of mulch; this will offer protection once the harsh winter temperatures come along.

General Landscaping Maintenance

As reluctant as you may be, given the temperatures, it’s important not to let your regular garden maintenance go by the wayside. This means regularly raking up dead leaves to avoid them compacting and killing the lawn underneath, removing your dying or dead annual plants to protect your garden from disease, and aerating your lawn too. At The London Lawn Turf, we offer a premium landscaping service throughout the year. If your garden is starting to suffer and you feel it’s in need of rejuvenation, consider our winter garden landscaping service. You can talk to a member of our team on 01959 897 603; we’re always happy to discuss your next gardening project.