Wildflower Native Enriched Turf

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Wildflower Native Enriched Turf has been developed by the company to provide a slightly more colourful, low maintenance and cost effective product that delivers a more ‘cottage garden’ look and feel that will naturalise over time.

Cut and Sold per roll = Approx 1m2 per Roll

Key product points:

  • ▶  A mix of native and naturalised wild flower species.

  • ▶  An enhanced wild flower species that has a little more colour and interest than the Landscape Turf, created by the addition of naturalised species to the existing list of natives.

  • ▶  Garden and urban applications from 30m2 to 1,000m2.

  • ▶  Shade and drought tolerant.

  • ▶  Low Maintenance – one to two cuts a year.

    About the Product:

    Wildflower Native Enriched Turf has been developed by the company to provide a slightly more colourful, low maintenance and cost effective product that delivers a more ‘cottage garden’ look and feel that will naturalise over time. It is weed suppressing, easy to handle and delivers a guaranteed flowering environment. The Native Enriched mix has been specifically designed to extend the flowering season with a variety of colour throughout the season. The turf is made up of approximately 33 UK native wild flowers, with the addition of approximately 25 naturalised perennial and annual flowers, subject to availability. To produce this environmentally beneficial product, every effort is made to source sustainable ingredients, for example composted green waste and organic nutrients, as well as carefully monitoring all inputs such as electricity and water. The turf naturally produces a bio-diverse habitat supporting birds, mammals, bees, butterflies and other invertebrate species.

Typical Applications:

Gardens, parks, municipal areas,
private grounds and estates, road verges and roundabouts.

Turf roll size: approximately 1m² when harvested (610mm width x 1640mm length x 12.5mm height (24" x 64.5" x 0.5")


Please Note: All deliveries are roadside only

The London Lawn Turf Company operates a fleet of vehicles across London & the Home Counties.

When possible we will use vehicles that are fitted with a crane offloading facility, enabling access to front gardens as well as over walls, fences and hedges.

The company also uses smaller vehicles for more awkward sites with limited access.

Our drivers will always do their best to site products where they are required. Crane offloading of turf and soil can be placed within 3-4 metres of the delivery vehicle. Smaller vehicles in the fleet can usually access back service roads and down front drives.

Turf Express Delivery Truck
Delivery vehicle



Please be aware:-

  • Vehicles are up to 11 metres (36') long, 2.5 metres (8' 2") wide, 4.6 metres (15') high.
  • Within the M25 pallets are off-loaded using a vehicle-mounted hydraulic crane.
  • It is your responsibility that there are no obstructions to delivery, such as parked cars, low bridges, overhanging branches or weight restrictions.
  • The crane cannot operate in close proximity to overhead obstructions such as cables or tree branches and cannot be used to lift pallets over parked vehicles.
  • We undertake to place the goods as close to your property as is deemed safe by the driver.
  • Ideally you will be present to accept delivery. We are able to deliver if you are not present and the driver will determine the most appropriate positioning for your goods.
  • With unattended deliveries, London Lawn Turf cannot accept any liability for theft, product deterioration or consequences arising from the positioning of your delivery.
  • Deliveries outside the M25 are made via pallet carrier and delivered on pallets, kerbside only.
  • Pallets are generally off-loaded using a tail lift and positioned using a manual pallet truck.
  • Manual pallet trucks can only operate on a flat, level, concreted surface. They cannot operate on slopes, gravel, earth, grass or any other type of non-solid surface.

Important: If delivery cannot be made due to access issues or an unsuitable offloading area, a charge of up to £30 per pallet will be made for redelivery or return to London Lawn Turf.

Cancellation Policy

Following the receipt of your order the turf will be harvested up to 24hrs prior to delivery. Once harvested we reserve the right to charge in full, however, on receipt of a cancellation notice prior to 24hrs before delivery, we will endeavour to:-

  • Cancel harvesting
  • Endeavour to sell the turf elsewhere

If we can achieve neither of the above the charge in full will remain.

Turf Care Notice

Turf is harvested up to 24 hours prior to delivery.

Do not delay in laying Turf. Turf should be laid/rolled out immediately but certainly within 24 hours (maximum) in the autumn/winter and 12 hours (maximum) in the spring/summer.

Problems with the turf should be noticeable at the time of delivery and during the laying process. Any further problems should be noticeable within 48 hours of delivery.

In the event of an issue with the Turf notify us immediately.

We can not accept responsibility for issues with turf that has not been notified within 48 hours of delivery.

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