As the weather warms up, plenty of critters will slowly come out of hibernation and begin their natural inclination of rummaging around your garden. For many, this could be seen as a nuisance. However, there are some benefits to this natural order of things. Some animals are absolutely wonderful wildlife additions for your garden! We’d like to outline for you some ways to live in harmony with the wilder things within your garden.       The Vertebrates Lizards, toads and yes, even snakes can be extremely useful companions for you to share your space with. Much like the common house spider will help you rid your home of flies, out in your garden you can keep your unwanted-insect count down to a minimum if you have some vertebrates communing in your space. A great way to encourage this is to have a water source such as a pond. Ponds also have the added benefit of attracting other garden wildlife such as birds. The Birds Birds look beautiful, this much we know. However, they can also be actively beneficial to your garden! Birds are another group of garden wildlife that eat pesky insects such as mosquitos, so we have more than one reason to encourage them into the garden. They’re not just there to look pretty. Ponds certainly will entice birds due to their natural inclination to bathe in them. However, you can also attract birds using certain plants and flowers. The best way to plan for this is to research the birds in your area and then pick the appropriate plant for them, as each has their favourite. However, as a good standard rule you can’t go wrong with native plants as the native birds will be naturally drawn to these. Bats Bats may not be everyone’s first thought when we talk about cute and desirable garden wildlife, however they really do have their benefits. If you’re brave enough, installing a bat house in your garden will greatly help in reducing the number of nasty mosquitos. Bats are really very harmless, whereas mosquitos can potentially be dangerous. It is also a myth that they are likely to get tangled in your hair - they can perceive objects around them very clearly using their sonos system-style hearing in the dark and will want to avoid getting tangled in your hair as much as you want to avoid it too.