These 8 legged creatures can be daunting to look at, however these friendly garden spiders do not harm us. Garden spiders can protect your garden throughout the entire day. They can save your vegetables, fruits and plants from getting damaged in the long run. These garden spiders can help insects from becoming destructive in your garden, and in other environmental habitats too. We have provided a useful guide on the 4 extraordinary benefits of how spiders can save your garden in many numerous ways. 1. Garden Spiders Eat Insects Spiders are well known for eating every type of insect in your garden, including moths, caterpillars, wasps, flies, mosquitoes and much more. This can help protect you from getting bitten or stung by insects whilst you are gardening. Furthermore, it can also keep your plants looking fresh and healthy, where no hungry insects can bite on it. 2. It Controls Pesticides Garden spiders can save you time and money on pesticides, since they act as great pesticide controllers. This is because it can help to get rid of the majority of garden insects already; therefore you do not need to use as many pesticides in your garden. This also means that it controls the population level of insects in your garden. This is a great benefit for organic gardeners who want to avoid using chemicals on their plants. 3. It Helps to Keep Plants Healthy Spiders can help lessen the risk of bacteria or diseases being spread across your garden. This is because spiders are able to decrease the number of damaging pests, which helps to lower the spread of diseases on your garden plants. 4. It Provides Better Early Season Management Garden spiders have great time management skills, where they are ready to hunt for insects as soon as it becomes warmer outside. This is because insects are attracted to high temperatures; therefore spiders have a clear plan as to when they can begin to hunt for insects.