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  • 5 Health Benefits of Gardening

    5 Health Benefits of Gardening


Its true, gardening can really can make you healthier and live longer! It seems like you are getting the best of both worlds, by doing what you love and gaining magnificent benefits out of it. Many healthcare experts and GP’s say that gardening can be therapeutic for anyone of age, and should be carried out to improve or maintain a healthy lifestyle. Let’s take a look at the 5 benefits of gardening:

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  • Top Tips For Recycling In The Garden

    Top Tips For Recycling In The Garden

    A greener garden can only mean one thing; one step towards saving the planet! Being eco-friendly is all about not being wasteful and keeping your garden looking fresh. Here is a list of top tips for recycling in the garden!

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  • How to Maintain Your Lawn Mower Over Winter


    How to Maintain Your Lawn Mower Over Winter

    It can be difficult to say goodbye to your lawn mower when wintertime approaches us. However it is an essential part of the process to pamper it before keeping it in a dry place. This will ensure a longer lasting lawn mower, making it all ready for the arrival of beautiful spring! Neglecting your lawn mower can possibly result in it breaking down, which means extra cost and time. To avoid this problem, there are many excellent actions in which one can take to maintain their lawn mower during winter, as shown below: Continue reading

  • Bollo Bridge Park

    Project: Bollo Bridge Park

    Project Size: 3700m

    This project was completed in November 2015 by The London Lawn Turf Company. Bollo Bridge Park had recently been used as a temporary base for a nearby school whilst it was being renovated. The school had tarmacked over the park and temporary classrooms had been set up across the site. During this weeklong project our responsibilities were focused on correcting any small irregularities with the final levels, laying the turf and cutting into existing areas of lawn. Continue reading

  • Make the Most of your Garden this Winter

    first snow on the flowers in a garden

    After spending all summer in the garden, perfecting your outside spaces for barbecues and summer parties, it can be easy to let your garden fall into a state of neglect as the months get ever colder. We can argue that this isn’t important, as we aren’t spending any time out there, but we can’t deny the fact that we still have to look at it through the window.

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